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Features of Website Traffic Generator

Website Traffic Generator is a tool for sending unlimited niche traffic to your website or blog. You can simply set how many visit you want and start getting traffic. All visits are direct real visits or niche visits from Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. It's safe with google search algorithm and boost your search engine rankings. You can track visits using Website Traffic Generator software on google analytics. There is no limit of getting traffic using website traffic generator.According to MOZ , 2018 google algorithm update (Penguin 4.0 - May 11 2018 Update) said that direct visit and social visit to a website will boost search engine ranking. Means if you can get more Direct Visit, Referral visit or Social Visit it will boost your search engine ranking like a roller coaster. Website Traffic Generator is the best tool in the planet that can generate google friendly visits.

Unique Visitors

By Using Website Traffic Generator you will get Unique Visitors from all Countries.All visits are real and high quality visits.

Direct and Social traffic

All traffic using Website Traffic Generator is direct traffic or niche social traffic from youtube, facebook and twitter and it's 100% Search Engine Friendly.

100% Adsense SAFE

It's 100% adsense safe.All website traffics are 100% guaranteed Google Adsense safe web traffic.

Trackable on Analytics

You can track and monitor all visits using Website Traffic Generator on Google Analytics.It's 100% friendly with all major search engines.

Unlimited Traffic

You can get Unlimited traffic for lifetime by using using Website Traffic Generator.As a result, your SEO results go better.

Improved Search Engine Ranking

You can easily improve your Search Engine Ranking by using our Website Traffic Generator.As a result of direct traffic, search engine results move like a roller coaster!!!

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Website Traffic Generator

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Frequently asked questions

Know About Website Traffic Generator

1.What is Website Traffic Generator?

A. Website Traffic Generator is a simple software to generate direct visits to your website. This will increase website traffic and improve SEO ranking.

2. Can i get Unlimited Traffic?

A. A. Yes.There is no limit for traffic.You can set it on software.

3. Can set time interval between visiting each pages?

A. Yes.You can set time interval between visiting each pages. In case you need more number of page views, minimize the time interval as required.

4. Is it trackable on Google Analytics?

A. Yes. You can use google analytics to view, Monitor, tracks and reports website traffic.All visits are direct visits.

5.Where are my visitors from ?

A.All visits are real from worldwide. All are from real users from computer.

6. Is it help to improve My Search Engine Ranking ?

A. All visits are direct visits. So it will improve your Search Engine engine results move like a roller coaster!!!

7. Is it Adsense SAFE ?

A. Yes.It's 100% safe with Adsense.

8. How to use Website Traffic Generator ?

A. 1. Open Website Traffic Generator 2. Add your website address or Page URL in the URL list. 3. Set the page count you wanted. 4. Change time interval. 5.Click start.

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